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Photographic Mounting and Framing

We specialize in mounting and framing photographs of all sizes. Our 61" mounting and laminating press can mount photographs as large as 60" x 120". We will walk you through the process of choosing a mounting substrate and framing style (see below for a quick guide). Our staff is experienced and talented in this delicate process, handling your photographs with the highest level of care and delivering museum-quality framing solutions.

Mounting Substrates:

Back mounting:
4/8 ply 100% cotton rag:   ideal for silver prints or other mounting solutions that require an archival board, but rigidity is not a critical factor.
Gatorfoam:   lightweight, fairly rigid, this foam product is a good choice for low cost mounting of small to medium sized pieces.
Sintra (PVC):   lightweight and thin but only moderately rigid. 
Acrylic:   fairly rigid and exceptionally flat and smooth, and ideal for solutions where the edges are visible. Available in many colors and thicknesses.
Dibond (ACM):   a composite of aluminum faces around a polyethylene core. Ideal for all small to large photo mounting solutions. 
Aluminum (.063/.080):   exceptionally rigid, this is the ideal substrate for large and extra large mounting solutions, and mount-only solutions where the edges are visible.

Face mounting:
Clear Acrylic:   the standard for face mounting aplications.
Non-glare Acrylic (P-99):   same properties as above but with an acid-etched face to reduce glare.
Anti-reflective AR Acrylic:   from the manufacturers of Optium Museum Acrylic, a stunning anti-reflective finish.
UV Lamintate:   a thin plastic lamintate film that gives limited protection to the face a mounted photo. Available in matte, lustre, and gloss.

* Face mounting requires a glossy print.

CONTACT US for pricing and more info, or to set up an appointment to discuss your mounting needs.