In addition to our framing services, Adjective Art & Framing provides a wide range of fine art services. We provide deliver and install artwork throughout New England and work closely with a company who provides a weekly BOS-NYC shuttle. Our installation team can hang anything, from a single piece to an entire gallery or office building. Get in touch for more info.


We can also provide you with high quality stretchers and canvases in any size or quantity. Our stretcher bars are solid poplar, engineered to stretch canvas of any size imaginable. Our panels can be customized with any materials desired. Top of the line panels consist of a baltic birch ply face on solid poplar bracing, with integrated french cleats. 


Our pedestals are entirely custom, can be made of any material, and finished with any paint or stain. We also fabricate artwork for several artists. This process is unique with each artist. We will work with your vision from start to finish and help in whatever way we can, whether that's simply a consultation, or a full design and build.

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